Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The Town of Remington Cemetery is located at 11910 Cemetery Road just outside of the Town limits. Purchasing a cemetery site is $1000 per site plus $125 for corner markers.
The Town of Remington staff also maintains the cemetery and is responsible for the opening and closing of a burial site.
Regular Weekday burials between 8:30 am -3:00 pm is $650.
Weekend and after 3 pm burials are $800.
A cremation burial is $500 for a weekday burial and $650 for a weekend burial.
The Town of Remington does not do holiday or Sunday burials.
A Weekday is considered Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30 am-3:00 pm.

To purchase sites or inquire on burials in the Remington Cemetery,
call Town of Remington at 540-439-3220.



Sec. 11-9 Trespass at night upon any cemetery.
In accordance with Virginia Code section 18.2-125, if any person, without the consent of the Town, shall enter in the nighttime, upon the premises, property driveways or walks of the Remington Cemetery for any purpose other than to visit the burial lot or grave of some member of his family, he shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor.

Sec. 11-10 Injuries to cemeteries, burial grounds, etc.; penalty.
No person shall write upon, deface, or in any way mar or injure any monument, vault or other structure within or belonging to the Remington Cemetery. Any person who injures or disturbs, without authority, any monument, work, tree shrub, plant, memorial or anything whatsoever in the Remington Cemetery, shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which includes, but is not limited to any person who:
1. Destroys, removes, cuts, breaks or injures any tree, shrub, or plant in any cemetery operated by the Town of Remington.
2. Destroys, mutilates, injures, or removes and carries away any flowers, wreaths, vases or other ornaments placed upon or around any grave, tomb, or monument in any cemetery operated by the Town of Remington.
3. Obstructs proper ingress to and egress from any cemetery operated by the Town of Remington.
4. Willfully or maliciously destroys, mutilates, defaces, injures, or removes any object or structure permanently attached or affixed within any cemetery operated by the Town of Remington.
This section shall not apply to any work that is done by the Town Superintendent or his or her agent or designee who undertakes any work in his or her official capacity in the maintenance or improvement of any burial ground or cemetery.

Sec. 11-11. In General.

A. The Town Council may from time to time make such rules and regulations for the Remington Cemetery as necessary. The Town Council reserves the right to alter, change and revise these regulations from time to time.

B. Notice of interment shall be received in the Town office no later than 10:00 a.m. on the day before the interment. A week-day is defined as Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. Burials that occur after 3:00 P.M. on a week-day will be charged the week-end rate.
Week-ends are defined as Saturday only; no burials are permitted on Sunday. Burials are also not permitted on official holidays observed by the Town.

Notice received during non-working hours on a regular work day shall be considered to be 8:00 a.m. on the next regular working day. Whenever possible, all Funeral Directors are encouraged to provide the Town Office with earlier notification than is set forth above. The Town Administrator, Town Superintendent or Mayor has the authority to vary the interment policy if practical and feasible and it does not create an extraordinary impact on scheduled activities, or personnel and equipment requirements.

C. A lot shall consist of 6 gravesites; a site shall consist of 1 gravesite.

D. Interments may not be made in sites that have not been fully paid for.

E. Double Depth Interment is prohibited in the Cemetery.

F. Spreading of ashes is prohibited in the Cemetery, however ashes may be interred in the Cemetery at the rates established on the Pricing and Policy Statement attached.

G. Concrete boxes, concrete grave liners or superior types of containers as determined and approved by the Town Superintendent shall be required for all interments in the Remington Cemetery. The Town Superintendent may authorize the use of other containers for the interment of infants and children.

H. Crypts and or Mausoleums are not permitted in the Remington Cemetery.

I. Enclosure of lots or sites with copings, railings, or hedge will not be allowed. All lots and sites will be designated by corner markers placed even with the turf. These markers must not be disturbed or removed.

J. Unless otherwise specifically permitted by law, persons carrying firearms, air rifles or the like, except police officers or military personnel during a funeral, are not allowed on the grounds of the Remington Cemetery.

K. Bicycles shall be permitted only on roads and not on any part of the grass.

L. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult when entering onto the Remington Cemetery.

M. Animals may not be buried in the Remington Cemetery.

N. No animals, except for service animals, shall be permitted in the Remington Cemetery without the written permission of the Town Administrator.

Sec. 11-12. Transfer of Ownership.
Transfers of ownership are permitted upon request, and a transfer of Title fee will be charged pursuant to Section 11-15. Transfer fees are calculated at the rate of one fee per gravesite. If a Town resident who has purchased a gravesite/lot at the Town Resident rate seeks to transfer the gravesite/lot to a recipient who is an out of Town resident, the difference in cost between the current in-town and out-of-town rates must be paid to the Town of Remington, in addition to the transfer of title fee, prior to the transfer taking effect. If the recipient is a Town resident no fee will apply. Should the registered owner of a lot or site determine that he or she will not utilize the lot or site, then in that event, he or she may convey the lot or site back to the Town and receive the original purchase price.

Sec. 11-13. Permit Required.
A permit must be obtained from the Town of Remington before any installation of any tombstone.
Sec. 11-14. General Requirements Regarding Work in the Remington Cemetery.
There shall be no work by contractors on week-ends or official holidays. All monument work must extend three and one half (3 ½) feet in depth: after excavation is completed, work must be inspected by an authorized representative of the Cemetery before cement is poured. Foundations must be the full size of the superstructure, and will be finished off at such levels as will permit the cut stone to be set at least one inch below the sod at all points. Cement must set for a minimum of twelve hours before a headstone may be installed.
All monument work must have the surface next to the foundations dressed off sufficiently true to allow every part to be in contact with the foundation and must be set in a solid bed of concrete. The removal or building up of any part of the foundation, or any other defective workmanship in the base stone will not be allowed.
Stones and monuments shall be placed only at the head of graves, and must not obstruct avenues. Foot markers shall be placed only at the foot of graves, and shall not obstruct avenues.
Monument material or apparatus must not obstruct avenues, or pathways, and will not be permitted to enter the Remington Cemetery until required for immediate use. Boxing and waste materials will not be allowed to accumulate; they must be removed immediately.
Heavy trucking will not be allowed in the grounds when, in the opinion of the Town Administrator or Town Superintendent, that it may do injury and/or damage to the grounds.
In making improvements upon lots or sites, the contractor must restore the grade and sod to the satisfaction of the Town Superintendent.
A site may be utilized for the interment of ashes from two (2) cremations. Interment of ashes is permitted in gravesites which already contain a casket. In the event two (2) urns of ashes are interred in one gravesite, only one headstone shall be permitted.
A cremation interment will be permitted only when a cremation urn or sealed container of similar design and quality is used.
No monument installation or work will be permitted on week-ends or official holidays, except for the cutting of monument letters.
The Town Superintendent or Town Council shall have the full right to suspend work immediately whenever there is a failure to conform to the rules and regulations. Contractors and their workmen while employed in the Cemetery are under the supervision of the Town Superintendent. Complaints or reports of incivility on the part of any Contractor and their workmen should be made to the Superintendent, who will make an investigation, the results of which will be made known to the complainant from the Office of the Mayor.
Prior to entering the Remington Cemetery for the purpose of repairing or maintaining existing stones, markers or gravesites, all “for hire” workmen not employed by the Town shall be required to obtain a Repair/Maintenance Permit. Such permit will be available at the Town Hall. Repair/Maintenance permits shall be valid for a period of 48 hours, and if the proposed repairs or maintenance procedures are not completed within 48 hours, a new permit shall be required.
The Town Administrator is authorized to prohibit work in the Remington Cemetery by any person or firm who violates the Rules and Regulations for the Remington Cemetery.
The Town Administrator is authorized to prohibit work in the Remington Cemetery by any person who has made a misrepresentation regarding work in the Remington Cemetery.
No planting of any trees or shrubs is allowed except by the Town. Any existing tree, or shrub becoming unsightly or dangerous, or protruding into the adjacent lot, site or walks, may be removed by the Superintendent as he deems necessary. The owner shall be given 10 days’ prior written notice, and such notice may be appealed to the Cemetery Committee within the 10-day notice period.
No artificial flowers may be put on graves during the mowing season between April 15 and October 15. No glass containers shall be permitted on lots or sites at any time.
Sec. 11-15. Price Schedule.








Sec. 11-16. Flower Regulations.

Flowers in monument mounted baskets or brackets are allowed all year. During the mowing season, April 15th until approximately October 15th, flowers are permitted only on graves as follows:

1. Artificial flowers not in mounted brackets or baskets are permitted 1 day before, and 1 week after, the following holidays:
a. Easter
b. Memorial Day
c. Mother’s Day
d. Father’s Day
2. Live cut flowers are permitted anytime and may be removed at the judgement of the caretaker when necessary to maintain the appearance of the cemetery.
3. Potted flowers are permitted anytime and may be removed at the judgement of the caretaker when necessary to maintain the appearance of the cemetery.
4. Glass containers are not permitted on lots or sites at any time of the year.

Sec. 11-17. Care and Maintenance of Cemetery.

A. Perpetual Care.

Perpetual Care as it pertains to the Remington Cemetery shall have the following meaning:

1. Mowing and trimming grass.
2. Refilling sunken graves.
3. Reseeding bare spots in the cemetery.
4. Trimming, pruning, and spraying of shrubs and trees in the cemetery as needed.
5. Ensuring that conditions in the cemetery are safe for public access.
6. Maintenance of driveways and gates to include gravel, and snow removal as needed.
7. Maintenance of the fence surrounding the cemetery.

Sec. 11-18. Responsibility for Monuments.

Monuments at the cemetery are the property of the cemetery site owners and shall be handled as follows:

A. Leaning or broken stones and monuments.

1. Site owners shall be contacted and advised that their stone or stones are in need of attention and that the cost associated with the maintenance of stones is not covered under the perpetual care rules of the cemetery. The Town will assist the site owner in determining what corrective action is needed, how to obtain a work permit, and who might be able to assist them with the repair.
In the event a site owner or heirs cannot be contacted, the Cemetery Committee shall review the condition of the stone and make a recommendation to the Town Council based on the following:

a. If the condition of the stone is creating a safety hazard, the cemetery committee shall recommend corrective action which may include but not be limited to:

i. Removal of the stone and storage of the same, with the stone being replaced by a smaller marker
ii. Resetting the stone flush with the ground
iii. Removing and replacing the existing stone on a new foundation
Any corrective action that is recommended by the Remington Town Council shall be at the expense of the Town Cemetery Fund.

b. If the condition of the stone is not creating a safety hazard but is simply aesthetically unappealing; the Cemetery Committee may recommend corrective action which may include but not be limited to:
i. Resetting the stone flush with the ground
ii. Removing and replacing the existing stone on a new foundation

Any corrective action that is recommended by the Remington Town Council shall be at the expense of the Town Cemetery Fund.

2. Since all the stones and monuments are the property of the site owner and as such, repairs to damaged stones whether caused by natural disaster, vandalism or accident is entirely the responsibility of the stone owners. Damage will be dealt with on an individual basis and the Town Council has the authority to contact owners and assist as it deems appropriate.

3. Site owners should be advised that their Homeowner policy may cover damage to Cemetery monuments and that they should contact their agent to determine if they have coverage for this and if not they may choose to add it to their policy.